I was in Savers yesterday (a discount beauty and toiletries shop in the UK) and I was looking at the nail polish (obviously) when I noticed some that looked like they could be duochromes, sure enough they were. I bought two of them Metallic Venus and Metallic Jupiter, by W7. I think that metallic Jupiter may be a dupe for Models Own Purple Blue (swatches here) so I’ll do a comparison soon. Today I’m gonna show you Metallic Venus.

In the bottle, it flashes purple, blue, pink, and a coppery orange.

On the nails, it is just as beautiful! Here it is with no flash.

The most prominent colours on the nail are the blue, the purple and the pink, it really is lovely!

This is quite similar to Models Own Purple Blue, but the finish of it is quite different. Purple blue is kinda flaky/shimmerey, this is smother and has more of a sheen, does that make sense?

 The blue flash in this is also slightly brighter and bluer.

This took three coats to be opaque but it’s really worth it, and I imagine it would look awesome over black which I shall do some time.

Really hope you enjoyed this post,

Jen xx