Today I recieved the Models Own Beetlejuice Collection so here’s a preview of the colours.

It’s got to be said, I am so happy that I got these, they’re lovely.

First up is Pinky Brown Beetle. Looking at the bottle I can see red, pink, orange and an olive green.

Aqua Violet Beetle. The main colours in this are aqua and violet (weird right?)But there seems to be a little pink flash in there too.

Purple Blue Beetle. This is the one I’m currently wearing and it’s really nice. The overall base is a grey colour, but it flashes a rich purple, a fuchsia or a minty blue. It’s truly gorgeous!

Golden Green Beetle. This is a chartreuse green colour that flashes Emerald green and gold.

Emerald Black Beetle. It seems black but it flashes dark blue and green.

This is an awesome collection and all of the colours except Pinky Brown can be found at:

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Swatches of Purple Blue will be up later!

Jen xx