(Pic Heavy)

Sorry I’ve been AWOL but I’ve been frantically searching for my camera charger. I’ve worn some really awesome nail designs over the last few days, but I haven’t been able to take any photos so I’ just have to re-do them at some point. Anyway, the polish I have to show you today is one that I found in ‘The Make up Shop’ in Newport Town centre. It’s by a Japanese brand called true lover and it has no name but it does have a number 39 on the bottom.

The first photo was taken without top coat, the reason being that it changes slightly when you add a top coat. Before, it is a hot pink with a silver shimmer.

After one coat of NYC Top Coat, some of the colour bleeds into it so the silver shimmer now appears pink.

The reason I took so many photos of this polish is because I was trying to capture just how pretty it is is, its really super shiny and best of all it’s pretty much opaque in one coat!

After the Top Coat dried I stamped the hearts from plate BM08 with Miss Sport Zodiac. Zodiac is a pale pink foil that also picked up some of the pink of the base when top coat was added.