Today I have Rimmel Hard Edged to show you. I was in poundland the other day when I spotted some nail varnish that was new, so I popped over to take a look. I ended up choosing 2 colours, one was a  dark blackened blue which I’ll show later, but the other was Rimmel Hard Edged, as soon as I picked it up I knew I had to have it did I just see duochrome prettyness?! I took my purchases home and immediately whipped out Hard Edged to try it. Once it was on my nails I realised that I had been right:

Her in the bottle, you can see it’s a gorgeous shimmery red-purple colour, but in some places it’s a bronzey green.

Here it is on my nails.

This was so glowy on my nails, and I couldn’t stop looking at it!

At this angle, you can see and olive-greenish colour:

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it,

Jen xx