Today I’m having a bit of a sucky morning. I suffer from really bad stomach pain some days, and apparently today was one of those days, so I got up and decided to post this.

After my nail fail, thanks to my top coat, I had to redo my nails, but wasn’t sure what to do since my top coat was being naff and goopy. I decided to use my matte topcoat instead, and some glitter. I started with two coats of Revlon Lunar a black creme, opaque in two coats.

To that, I added two coats of Revlon’s Slipper which is red and silver small round glitter and holo hex glitter in a clear base.

Without flash:

This next one is with flash.

The glitter, wasn’t completely smooth so I added one coat of Rimmel’s Matte Top coat:

I really love how the red glitter almost glows in this, and I really quite enjoyed wearing it!