Now, this is more of a top coat  fail than me not liking how it turned out. I started out with two coats of Revlon Lunar, an opaque black creme:

Now, there’s a makeup shop where I live (aptly called, The Makeup Shop) which sells these cool looking polishes by a brand called True Lover.  The other week I found this one in there :

It is a lime green, with a peachy pink shimmer/pearl

It has no name, just a number, 50. I tried wearing this on it’s own, but it is ridiculously sheer and it made my nails look weird. However, I have wanted to try it over black, and see if the pink shimmer came out so I added a coat over the black.

On top of the black it really came to life. In some lights it has a greenish-gold sheen. Whilst in others, you can really see the pink:

Now, after all of this is when I got some problems. My topcoat had gotten old and a bit gloopy but I hadn’t gotten a new yet. I added the top coat and it looked lovely, and shiny, but then after about 10 minutes I glanced down and it honestly looked like my nails had gotten some kind of horrible rash they were full of lumpy bubbles. It looked horrible so I immediately removed it and did something else which I’ll post either later or tomorrow.