The other day I fancied wearing green. I checked out all of my greens ( there really aren’t that many,which I’m sad about) and finally decided to wear  Emerald Green by Calvin Klein. Its a gorgeous Emerald Green Shimmer

After putting it on I decided I wanted to add an accent ring finger, but wasn’t sure what to add to it. I then remembered some random nail varnish that my Mam had bought me somewhere for 50p.

This is by Technic and is a sheer golden tinted polish with glitter in it. Some of the glitter is pale gold and some is pale green which is why I thought it would look good on top of Emerald Green.

Here they are together, and I was really happy with how they turned out:

It’s slightly blurry as it shows the green glitter on the ring finger better.

I love getting nail varnish as present, I love the surprise of trying new ones and not knowing what they’ll be like. I purchased Emerald Green from Fragrance Direct but sadly it’s not on there any more.

Jen xx