I had an interview for a new job earlier today and I wore a french manicure with a twist for it so I’ll be posting that either later today or tomorrow. This is another old look but I think it’s pretty cool so I figured I’d post it to see what you think.

Purple Heart is a gorgeous purple/green duochrome from GOSH.

I loved this colour, and the sun was out the day I put it on so I decided to add some holographic stamping.

I added the geometric stamping from plate M64 in Color Club’s Worth the Risque, and then Revlon’s Top Coat. This looked AWESOME in the sun and I really loved wearing it.

Here’s a slightly blurry shot that shows the sparkle better:

That’s all for now but there may be another post up later today!

Do you own Purple Heart or Worth the Risque? What are your thoughts on them? Have you worn them together?

Thanks for reading,

Jen xx