The other day I was feeling a little down so my boyfriend said I could buy some new nail varnish (he’s awesome!). I’d been fancying Barry M Turquoise for a while but it either wasn’t in stock or I didn’t have the cash 😦

So that day I knew that I was definitely gonna get that one (which I used forTurquoise Tiger), but Barry M was offering 2 for 4.99, what other one to get?

I eventually decided on Block Orange, a really bright, slightly red orange:

The colour is red-ish but not quite as red as this picture shows it looks closest to the colour of the bottle. In real life it looks more like this:

But again, not quite as red as it is showing up.

This applied really well and it took 3 thin coats to be opaque. But I wasn’t really surprised by that as it’s got a slightly jelly finish. Plus, it was really shiny and eye catching and I loved wearing it. Anyone tried this colour? What do you think of it?

Jen xx