I’m in the middle of doing my nails and waiting for the nail varnish to dry before I Konad it so I figured I’d put up another old picture. Back in June I went out for the birthday of a friend of mine. We all decided to do fancy dress and since I own an Alice in Wonderland costume I went as Alice… which left me with a definite need for funky themed nails.

Here they are:

Simple, I know but I don’t Ever freehand so it was all I could manage.

First I painted 2 coats of a random unnamed white I have then I painted one coat of a Laura Paige white pearl polish called (originally) 08 White Pearl, then topcoat. Next I stamped an individual heart, club, and diamond from plate BM19 on three fingers and an upside down heart on each pinky, I left each ring finger free for a different picture. I then added a stalk to my club and spade in black and using a striper polish, wrote A’s in opposite corners.

On my left hand I stamped a purple cat from plate BM04 and then took and unnamed sparkly bright fuchsia (Brand is True Lover, number 39) and a small detail brush and added stripes to the cat and filled in its ear. I did the same with black for it’s eyes. Presto!  A Cheshire cat!

On my right hand i stamped the cupcake from plate BM14 in blue and green for the ‘eat me’ cake. Then I just added top coat and voila!

Here’s another pic that shows the pearl better:

(Please try and ignore the bubbles, my topcoat had gotten a bit gloopy, but it wasn’t really that noticable nless you scrutinized them)

Looking at these pictures I kinda miss my old nails. I’ve snapped a few and because of the way they snapped I rounded the edges (I go through phases of square and then rounded)

Anywho, hope you enjoyed reading.

Jen xx