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China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le with flowers — December 3, 2011

China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le with flowers

Another one of the China Glaze polishes that I bought from Head2ToeBeauty was Secret Peri-wink-le. It’s a lovely creamy blue-purple (or periwinkle!)

After painting my nails with it I decided to get out my new dotting tools that I ordered and have a go with them. I wanted to attempt to make some flowers like Sammy of The Nailasaurus.

Here’s a link to her post, and here’s a link to her video tutorial!

After my base colour had dried I started my flowers. I used Barry M Cobalt Blue for the flowers, and Me Me Me Platinum for the flowers centres.

Secret Peri-wink-le is a lovely colour and it applied beautifully. It was opaque in two coats.

I did however find it quite hard to photoraph and it’s dustier and slightly more lilac toned in real life.

I really liked this mani and it was quite easy to do really, Sammys video tutorial helped a lot.

Hope you like this, and thanks for reading!

Jen xx

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy — December 2, 2011

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy

I recently placed an order from Head2ToeBeauty. I bought 6 new China Glaze polishes, and this was one of them.

Flip Flop Fantasy is a neon Coral – Pink. I tried really hard to photograph this colour accurately, but ultimately I failed. These photos are colour adjusted but it still isn’t completely accurate to its real colour. In real life it’s slightly pinker and MUCH brighter.

I also ordered some stuff from Born Pretty and in the order I received a pack of Fimo canes. I immediately wanted to play with them so I chose a tiny pink and white Hibiscus flower.

The formula on this is a bit odd (for me anyway as it’s my first neon!) It dries matte and does go on a bit streaky but it leveled out after three coats and a topcoat made it shiny.

I LOVE this colour and can’t wait to get it on my toes in summer. Overall I’m really happy with my first China Glaze purchase and I can’t wait to share the rest of the colours I bought!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Jen xx

Barry M Raspberry — November 29, 2011

Barry M Raspberry

I wore this a while ago but I kind of forgot about it in all the duochrome madness, lol. When I wore it I actually loved it, its a beautiful, very shiny raspberry colour.


I found this colour really hard to photograph which is why I took a few pics in different lights.

This was three thin coats but it applied really well and I really love this colour. It has a kind of jelly finish and on the nail it looks kind of squishy.

In dimmer light this actually looks more like a deep red, but there’s stilla pink undertone to it.

Here’s a closeup to show the finish

Hope you liked this post and thanks for reading,

Jen xx

Glitter Gal Blue Holographic layered over glitter. — November 23, 2011

Glitter Gal Blue Holographic layered over glitter.

The other day I decided to play with some glitter I bought from a craft store. I painted my nails with three coats of Sally Hansen Flash, a bright blue with a slight purple flash. The I added topcoat and patted the glitter on the tips. This is what it looked like:

Now I was really loving this mani, but then the next day a package arrived for me. In it were my two Glitter Gal polishes that I ordered from Llarowe. I immediately wanted to try one but I didn’t feel like taking off my glitter mani, so since one of the Glitter Gal polishes was blue I decided to layer it over the top.

This is how it looks in dim light, and you can see that it has slightly tinted the glitter, but in sunlight is really where it comes alive. Sadly, there wasn’t any sun when I was swatching, but here’s some pics with flash:

This is only one coat of Glitter Gal Blue but the holo is fantastic! It’s linear and really very beautiful.

Also, here’s a closeup that really shows how beautiful this polish is:

I am so happy with these polishes  and I hope you enjoyed looking at it!

Thanks for reading, Jen xx


W7 Metallic Jupiter — November 15, 2011

W7 Metallic Jupiter

When I purchased Metallic Venus I also bought Metallic Jupiter, which at the time looked like it might be a dupe for Models Own Purple Blue.

After wearing Metallic Jupiter I can tell you that they are very similar, but different enough that I’m happy to have both.

The base of Metallic Juoiter is darker an it only required two coats.

The finish of Metallic Jupiter is similar to Purple Blue in that it appears to be made up of tiny glittery/flakie particles. As you can see in this picture, the polish flashes either hot pink or a bright blue.

Here you can see the finish:

As I said the base of this is darker that Purple Blue, in some lights it even looks black.

Here’s a blurry picture to show the blue shimmer:

And here’s a close up that kinda shows both colours:

So sadly not a dupe for Purple Blue, but it might quell you’re need for it if you don’t want to fork out. You can buy W7 Planets collection for £1.99 in Savers or for £3 including shipping in the uk from Amazon.

Hope you liked this one, I’ve ordered Metallic Mars so I’ll probably swatch that in a few days.

Thanks for reading, Jen xx

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection: Pinky Brown — November 12, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection: Pinky Brown

WARNING! Serious picture spam in this post!

Today I put on Models Own Pinky Brown, for the Beetlejuice collection.

This is a really beautiful polish, in some lights it’s an olive gold, in others a burnished orange, then a dusty pink and a deep purple. In this photo you can see the olive gold  on the right of my middle finger, the orange near the cuticle and the purple/pink near the tip.

Here’s a shot with flash that I think really shows the purple flash and just how much this polish really sparkles.

Now, a few more pics!

Today I decided to add two close ups since this polish looks so different in different lights.  First a flash shot:

Next, in natural light!

I rally loved this polish, and I just hope that my pictures did it justice.

Thanks for reading,

Jen xx

True Lover Number 35 — November 10, 2011

True Lover Number 35

This is a colour that I bought a while ago, but never actually got around to wearing. It’s from a little shop in Newport town and it’s by a bran called True Lover, this is number 35, 2 coats:

Number 35 is a burnt orange with a strong gold shimmer.

As well as the gold shimmer, there also seems to be a bit of red shimmer mixed in.

Here’s a close up that shows the shimmer well.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post,

Jen xx



No7 Vivid Violet with Black Holo Stamping — November 9, 2011

No7 Vivid Violet with Black Holo Stamping

I did this a few days ago but then I got swept up in duochromes so I’m only posting it now. I started with a base of No7 Vivid Violet which is a warm bright purple with a very slight blue flash. It applies a bit patchy, even after three coats, so I decided to add some stamping to cover it slightly.

I stamped with Color Club Revvvolution and the feathers off of Bundle Monster plate BM214, I love stamping with holo colours! Here’s a pic in the sun that shows it’s holo-ness better:

Please try and ignore the slight ding on my index finger! Lol.

I’m thinking of starting to do close up shots to show it close up, what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post!

Thanks for reading, Jen xx

W7 Metallic Venus — November 4, 2011

W7 Metallic Venus

I was in Savers yesterday (a discount beauty and toiletries shop in the UK) and I was looking at the nail polish (obviously) when I noticed some that looked like they could be duochromes, sure enough they were. I bought two of them Metallic Venus and Metallic Jupiter, by W7. I think that metallic Jupiter may be a dupe for Models Own Purple Blue (swatches here) so I’ll do a comparison soon. Today I’m gonna show you Metallic Venus.

In the bottle, it flashes purple, blue, pink, and a coppery orange.

On the nails, it is just as beautiful! Here it is with no flash.

The most prominent colours on the nail are the blue, the purple and the pink, it really is lovely!

This is quite similar to Models Own Purple Blue, but the finish of it is quite different. Purple blue is kinda flaky/shimmerey, this is smother and has more of a sheen, does that make sense?

 The blue flash in this is also slightly brighter and bluer.

This took three coats to be opaque but it’s really worth it, and I imagine it would look awesome over black which I shall do some time.

Really hope you enjoyed this post,

Jen xx


Models Own Beetlejuice Collection: Golden Green — November 3, 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice Collection: Golden Green

Today I decided to wear Models Own Beetlejuice Collection: Golden Green. I applied 3 coats which all dried quickly, and then topped it off with Models Own Top Coat.

Golden Green Beetle is a chartreuse green which flashes either a golden olive green or a bluey green.

In this photo you can see both colours.

The golden flash is really quite strong

The Bluey green is slightly less strong but is still relatively easily visible.

Here’s a weird angle to show it better

I really, really like this colour it’s very beautiful and I can’t stop twisting my nails and looking at it!

So far I am really impressed with this collection and I’m very happy that I got them! Are any of you getting any of these colours?

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading,

Jen xx